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  • Your Accomplishments
  • We strive to reward the accomplishments of our members at open shows by tracking points and offering new opportunities.
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  • We maintain a nationwide database for competitive records for both our exhibitors and horses.
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  • We focus on recognizing national year end high point winners from all open horse shows.
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  • We provide a world championship show experience for open horse show exhibitors.

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General Information

Who We Are

The National Open Horse Show Association was founded with the intent of fostering growth in the open horse show community and inspiring exhibitors to continue striving for excellence. By providing national recognition for local achievements, and hosting an annual World Championship Show, NOHSA seeks to enhance the horse show journey for its members.

NOHSA members are invited to submit their results from open shows in their communities to see how their accomplishments rank them on both a regional and national scale. Anyone looking for new places to show can use the comprehensive NOHSA state-by-state calendar to find a show near them.

The horse show community is rooted in a deep history of family values, individual searches for excellence, and a love of the horse. The National Open Horse Show Association invites you to join today and take the next step in your journey.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster growth in the Open Horse Show community through various programs in which every activity benefits members on the regional and national level.

The purpose of the National Open Horse Show Association is to promote cooperation among all horse show clubs and exhibitors and to improve the open horse show community through programs, events and shows by encouraging the use of standard rules for holding and judging open horse shows, maintaining records of open horse show results and rewarding participants regionally and nationally.